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LINCCO gives Canadians the opportunity to make a lasting difference in developing countries.

LINCCO partners with local non-governmental organizations to provide skills training in developing countries in such fields as community health, hygiene, micro-business and literacy. These skills improve the lives of the trainees and the lives of the people around them.

Our successful endeavours foster sustainable development and the creation of just societies in which families are able to thrive and human rights are respected.

We hope you will join us in making a difference.

Latest news of the project in D.R.Congo

Latest News from our nursing students in the Master’s program

The Institute for Higher Studies in Nursing (ISSI) in the Democratic Republic of Congo celebrated the success of its first class of students in the Master’s in Health Administration program, in July, 2016.

ISSI awarded a Master’s diploma in Health Administration to the first graduates from its new program, three of whom specialized in intervention and eight of whom specialized in research.

In attendance at the ceremony were the Minster of Higher Studies and Universities, Democratic Republic of Congo, and members of the administration of ISSI.

Marie Hatem, professor at Université de Montréal and Hana Nassif professor at Université Saint Joseph de Beyrouth, presented the diplomas and also a commemorative gift from LINCCO.

Students who had successfully completed the basic nursing program also received their diplomas at the graduation ceremony.




Lastest news of the project in Uganda

News of the project.…

The access to the medical equipment such as the machine for blood testing and dental instruments, allows the doctors in Uganda to better diagnose and treat their patients.

A few examples will serve to illustrate the impact of the utilization of those (limited) resources:


  • Ultrasound scanning is now available: to date, 1600 patients, including a large number of pregnant women, have been given ultrasound tests;
  • Hematology laboratory equipment has made it possible to do routine blood tests on a large number of people;
  • Dental equipment has made it possible to provide much needed treatment and relief to people suffering dental pain.
  • Outreach services, have been extended, including maternal and child health care, basic health education, HIV testing and visits to shut-ins.
  • The purchase and installation of solar panels provides a constant power supply, something we take for granted but something that is rare in rural Uganda. Now medical staff can work at night and keep medications safely refrigerated


One day medical camp in Gomba district in a remote community

A group of 23 health care workers and medical students traveled to the area and we saw about 1,000 patients. We provided general health care, gave health education talks, dental extractions, free medications.


Medical equipment for the two health centers

Medical equipment which included an ultrasound, automatic hemolyser and Hemoglobin machine, surgical sets and others where donated for the two health centers: St Kizito Nattyole and St Balikuddembe Mulajje.


Drugs and medical supplies were donated to St Mathias Murumba Health Center III 


Two outreach clinics to a school in a rural community in Vumba village-Nattyole Uganda

We had two medical outreaches to a school were about 400 children where either immunised or received medical supplements. Touching about these children though happy to receive us and some scared because of the injections, many lacked basics like shoes and a few had tattered uniforms.


Daily follow up of patients at two health centers in Mulajje and Nattyole

We also had daily follow ups of patients at the above Health Centers both in the outpatient section and the admission wards.


Lastest news of the project in Ivory Coast

News images of the project . . .


The second group of UNESCO Courses at Ilomba  School from November 2014 to November 2015.


Purchase of material for the course of pastry and for the students so that they can prepare recipes at home.

Students also visited bakeries and pastries in Bingerville and in Abidjan and the School of Professional Training Yarani.



Images of the project . . .

In September 2013 six instructors began their training program at the rural school in Ilomba (l’École rurale d’Ilomba). According to the participants, the courses they are taking in leadership, pedagogy, data processing and new technology are very stimulating and informative.


They have acquired new teaching methods such as learning by interrogation which the students find very effective.


Extracts from a testimonial given by one of the student educators : « This training allows us to better understand our students as we employ the appropriate method for each class. Today, at the end of each course, we have a clear sense of what we have taught our students and what they have learned. »


In October 2013, 25 young girls from Bingerville began their school year at the rural school of Ilomba (École rurale d’Ilomba). For these girls who range in age from 13 to 18 and who live a life of extreme poverty, the training program provided by Club UNESCO served as a springboard for the completion of their primary education.


The students took intensive courses in French, English, Mathematics as well as History and Geography. Throughout their studies, they greatly appreciated the content of their courses and made remarkable progress in them.


In addition, the cooking and pastry-making courses not only taught the young girls the basics of a balanced diet but also allowed them to earn some money through the sale of the food they prepared in class.


Thanks to the financial support provided by LINCCO, transportation to class, the classes themselves and the uniforms were all offered free of charge to the students.



It’s not difficult to hold the students’ attention during the pastry-making course for it is something they are all eager to learn.


We leave you with this touching letter of gratitude from one of the students and a reminder that we still need your support to see this project through to completion.  Please help us raise the final $7,500 needed to complete this great initiative.