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Institut Supérieur en Sciences Infirmières (ISSI)

Training of instructors in nursing and midwifery in Democratic Republic of Congo.

  • Where: Kinshasa, DRC.
  • Duration of  Project: September,  2015 and is ongoing
  • Cost of the Project: $90,000
  • Local Partners : Congolese Centre for Culture, Training and Development (CECFOR), Institut Supérieur en Sciences Infirmières (ISSI)
  • Other partners : University of Montreal;  Guy-Charron Foundation

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The project

Improve the basic training of health care workers and make the Master’s program in Health Care Administration.  (MAPS) a permanent part of the curriculum at ISSI.    A higher quality of instruction in nursing and midwifery will directly contribute to better health in the general population.

ISSI developed a master’s program in health care administration  (MAPS), the only one of its kind in sub-suharan Africa, in 2012, for the training of instructors in nursing and midwifery in DRC. The project to reinforce and transfer skills will be carried out with two new groups of students over a two-year period.

The Need

The DRC faces many public health challenges including a shortage of  well-trained health care professionals and poor infrastructure.

There are not enough graduate nurses to meet the needs of the population.  The lack of qualified health personnel is a recognized indicator of poor health among mothers and newborns.

Highly qualified health care instructors are an agent for change in the provision of health care and, in turn, in the health of the general population.

The Objectives of the Project

  • Prepare 30 instructors in nursing science and midwifery at the Master’s level through the MAPS program (Master’s in Health Care Administration) at ISSI.
  • Use local instructors for the MAPS program in preference to   foreign instructors.
  • Further develop the licentiate programs in midwifery and in nursing science which began in October, 2014.

The Partners

Democratic Republic of the Congo:

Congolese cultural centre for training and development (CECFOR) which  opened in 1986 and which set up the Institute for Higher Studies in Nursing (ISSI) in 1997.

In Canada: 

  • University of Montreal
  • Guy Charron Foundation

LINCCO’s Financial Objective

LINCCO’s financial objective is $40,000 over a period of two years.

How You Can Help

You can contribute:

  • Online at Give online!
  • By cheque, send to the address below.

630 Sherbrooke Street West, Suite 400
Montreal, Quebec
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Your  donation will  go directly to our project in the Democratic Republic of Congo.