Latest news of the project in D.R.Congo

Latest News from our nursing students in the Master’s program

The Institute for Higher Studies in Nursing (ISSI) in the Democratic Republic of Congo celebrated the success of its first class of students in the Master’s in Health Administration program, in July, 2016.

ISSI awarded a Master’s diploma in Health Administration to the first graduates from its new program, three of whom specialized in intervention and eight of whom specialized in research.

In attendance at the ceremony were the Minster of Higher Studies and Universities, Democratic Republic of Congo, and members of the administration of ISSI.

Marie Hatem, professor at Université de Montréal and Hana Nassif professor at Université Saint Joseph de Beyrouth, presented the diplomas and also a commemorative gift from LINCCO.

Students who had successfully completed the basic nursing program also received their diplomas at the graduation ceremony.