Youth civic education project

Implement a civic formation project for young people from age 9 to 25. 

  • Place : Badaro, Lebanon.
  • Period : 2017 -  2019
  • Cost: 65 000$
  • Local Partner : Association Libanaise pour le Développement et la Culture (ALDEC)



The Project

The Lebanese Citizens project is embodied in the Lebanese Citizens Excellence Program (LCEP), an integral educational program for Lebanese young people who believe in their country, who love their country, who seek excellence and aspire to become successful CITIZENS.

  • Personalized training. 
  • Coaching and mentoring. 
  • Permanent coordination with parents.

Three progressive stages for the formation of the human person in all its dimensions.

The Needs

For several years the Middle East has been in a deep crisis, which has not spared Lebanon. The failings of society are felt daily, and there are many who aspire to a better future.

The Lebanese Association for Development and Culture (ALDEC) promotes the project Lebanese Citizens, a national campaign aimed at young people between the ages of 9 and 25, which proposes concrete actions to build a better future for the country.

  • To awaken in every young Lebanese the awareness of their personal responsibility in the configuration of the country, and to motivate them to act accordingly.
  • To train accomplished citizens through civic education activities. 
  • To develop the concept of the common good. 
  • To promote an optimistic vision of the future in Lebanon.


The training Program

Three progressive stages for the formation of the human person in all its dimensions.

9 - 13 years: Be a Person (BAP)

Develop the personality as social being, through sports activities, outings in full nature, artistic and psychomotor growth, family celebrations, etc.


14 - 17 years: Be a Worker (BAW)

Create work habits to deploy all the talents: course of study method, expression and communication, tests of personality and career guidance, etc.


18 - 25 year: Be a Leader (BAL)

Motivate young people to take personal responsibility for the future of the country, a program of intensive leadership training and personal excellence.


Our partners:

In Lebanon

● Association Libanaise pour le Développement et la Culture, ALDEC, Beirut, Lebanon.


LINCCO Financial Objective

LINCCO’s financial objective is to raise $65,000 by September 2019.

How you can help


You can contribute:

Online at www.lincco.org . Give online!

By cheque, send to the address below.


630 Sherbrooke Street West, Suite 400

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Your donation will go directly to our project in Lebanon.