Training Project in Business Entrepreneurship

Implement a project of entrepreneurial training and empowerment for women in the department of Carazo in Nicaragua.

  • Place: Managua, Nicaragua.
  • Duration: January 2017 - December 2017
  • Cost : $ 24 130
  • Local Partner:  Asociación Nicaragüense de Educación y Cultura 
  • Other Partner: Guy-Charron  Foundation


The Project

Implementation of a training program in entrepreneurship and empowerment for women in the department of Carazo in Nicaragua. This project aims to empower women to start their own businesses and become development and change agents in their communities.

The Need

In Nicaragua, 66% of the working population is employed in micro and small enterprises;  44.9% of this group are women. Most small businesses have difficulty surviving and growing because they lack access to credit or loans from financial institutions.

The Training Program 

1) 15 young students to be formed as trainers of women entrepreneurs from the rural areas;  

2) Training in entrepreneurship of 75 women, in the rural areas of the department of Carazo, who wish to create their own company or who already have a stable company and wish to enlarge and expand their micro- business.

Our partners

In Nicaragua

  • Asociación Nicaragüense de Educación y Cultura: (ANDECU), Managua, Nicaragua.

In Canada

  • Guy-Charron Foundation

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How you can help

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