Since its foundation in 1984, LINCCO has participated in the following skills development projects:


  • Construction and equipping of a farm machinery repair shop used for courses on mechanics for children of farming families


  • Environmental and community hygiene program 
  • Expanding a program for rural women who train others in education, health, agriculture and family financial planning
  • Agricultural training program in the Yauyos region for 20 rural communities
  • Livestock training program for twenty farmers to share with their communities
  • Sponsorship of a university program to train entrepreneurs and foster the development of small businesses


  • Program for women to teach agricultural, health, food production and preservation, child care, hygiene and preventive medicine


  • Agricultural and micro-business training for 300 village women in the Iioti/Iroto region

Democratic Republic of Congo

  • Program for 600 mothers and 1,500 young girls in the Kindele suburb of Kinshasa to provide marketable skills


  • Sponsorship of a one-year program to train 90 Community Health Workers to provide volunteer health services to women and families.

Ivory Coast

  • Training in human rights, information technology, job search skills and health care was given to women displaced by the civil war



Some of LINCCO’s sponsorship of young Canadians to help development activities has included:



  • 1994 summer social service project in the village of Angahuan with Mexican students where they planted trees, built a water reservoir, and painted the community centre


  • 1985-1990 summer social service project in which 150 Canadian students participated in building community centres and teaching hygiene, nutrition and literacy


  • 1992 and 1993 summer project to teach English to Polish students who could not afford courses


  • 1997 summer project where 15 Canadian students spent six weeks helping rebuild a church and teaching English