What they say

Rural Women Leaders in Peru

Forty-eight women from the Cañete Valley in Peru benefited from training received from Condoray to become Rural Women Leaders in 2004. Here is what two of them had to say:

Sabina Carrion Leguia: "The training I received means I can help by sharing information with the people of my village. I can share training on health, nutrition, handicrafts and improvement of the living conditions of our community."

Amparo Rossana Cassana Flores: "I am happy now because of what I am and what I give to others. I know that this requires ongoing work to improve, which implies a commitment to myself, to those I teach and to the community."

Teacher Enhancement Program in Kenya (2010-2011)

In August 2010, with the support of LINCCO, the Centre Of Education (COE) of Strathmore University, held a one week intensive seminar for high school principals. Here are the testimonies from some of the beneficiaries:

"The seminar provided me with practical skills in managing human resources, on how to make a budget and on work ethic. I will improve the repair and maintenance of my school, and I want to make changes to the financial management and procurement."

"The seminar helped me to enhance my image as a teacher, principal and leader in my community through better and more effective knowledge management. I will improve the work ethic of my school at all levels."

"The seminar helped me understand that teaching and school leadership are vocations, and have a great impact on both our nation Kenya and on the world, through the quality of students who are Graduates of my school."

"The seminar helped me to reassess my work ethic for the better, and thus revise my management style. I will change my way of leading and managing my school to improve relations between community members within the institution. "

Community Health Workers Training in the Philippines (2010-2011)

LINCCO sponsored the training of 90 community health workers in the Philippines, through a program that enabled them to acquire skills in maternal and child care, first aid, communicable disease control, environmental health and appropriate prescription drug use. Here are the testimonies of some beneficiaries:

Rosalinda B. Ruelo:  "I am very lucky that FAMCOHSEF came to our village. Thanks to LINCCO, I was privileged to be among the trainees, I was given the opportunity to be trained for the duties of a Community Health Worker. I learned not only the household chores, but also many other things related to health caring, such as the use of medical materials and equipments and the First Aid to the most common diseases ."

Jovita E. Montejo: " I learned a lot here: how to budget funds and time, how to communicate and get along with others, and how to take vital signs (temperature, blood pressure, pulse rate, respiratory rate, and pulse points). Also, I learned about medicinal plants, and many more. I am very grateful to all the people who supported us, and also to our mentors for their patience in teaching us despite our advanced age. May God bless you. "

Estrelita Cruz-Yabut:  "I am very grateful to FAMCOHSEF and LINCCO because the training showed me many things about the human body (internal and external): the systems, vital signs, different kinds of diseases, etc. I also learned a lot about nutrition, personality development, and personal hygiene. Most important, I learned about moral & spiritual values, and how to deal with different classes of people. May my story be an encouragement to everyone to struggle to be better and to be of service with real concern for others ."


Over the years, LINCCO co-ordinated 150 young Canadians in South America, Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe to assist with local projects. Here is what some had to say:

Lyne Boivin: "I enjoyed the best summer of my life. It was a unique chance to discover the warmth of the human heart and the depth of my soul – living great joy and pain at the same time."

Mai-Anh Levan: "This experience helped me understand a culture, a different standard of living and to be part of the realities of a Third World country."

Anthony Yeow: "We learned a lot about ourselves and about a world outside our daily experience. Seeing people wait in a long line outside a bakery and then seeing them happy when they got half a loaf of bread made me think about what we have at home. Above all, it encouraged me to do more for people who need a helping hand, both at home and in the developing world."

Marie Bergeron: "I made a humanitarian aid project in Cañete for over five weeks in fall 2006. I was fortunate to live with a family of San Vicente de Cañete. Every day, I was volunteering in a school (activities to stimulate language and music with the preschoolers), villages (education and entertainment to children) and in a hospital. I also played violin as part of two concerts offered for free to the public and organized by Condoray. My project was a cultural experience, spiritual, human and personal extraordinary. "

Nurses' Missions in the Democratic Republic of Congo (2005-2011)

Since 2005, LINCCO has organized training missions for Canadian nurses at l'Institut Supérieur en Sciences Infirmières (ISSI),  an institute of higher education in Nursing (ISSI), in Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congol. Here are a few testimonies from Canadian voluteers:

Claudette Chayer (2005): "It is in education and health that we need to invest to bring people out of isolation. Knowledge and health are wealth that can not be stolen, not to mention that educated people can not be blindly controlled. Supporting this project seems obvious to me: every action is done in this regard, it is constantly evolving and is gathering more and more people. The help we provide is undeniable and its impact will affect the long term. "

Lucie Hogue (2008): "I want to thank LINCCO ans Servir Plus for allowing me to carry out this mission. How to assess the impact that will have on the person who received the tools? This person will share around her and will help many others, like a snowball rolling and getting bigger and bigger! "

Sandra Rotzetter (2010-2011): "My mission provided me with an experience that made me reflect on the health systems and education. I can see how good organization is important. The practical matters I teach students at ISSI will give them tools to help professionalize nursing. I encourage them to become models for other nurses through their work experience. They need to convey the need and desire to learn. "

Frédérick Gaudreau (2010): "I had the opportunity to visit ISSI as a representative of LINCCO and Servir Plus. What struck me when I entered the ISSI was the order and cleanliness which contrast sharply with the city of Kinshasa. Another aspect that distinguishes ISSI from other Nursing schools in Kinshasa and elsewhere in the DRC is that it is not only a technical training school, but a “school of nursing”, that is to say, a science that focuses on the relationship of empathy and compassion between the nurse and patient. "