Scholarship program to assist the vocational training Institute Pitahaya

Pitahaya offers professional training to young girls from families with limited incomes.  The aim of this project is to improve the living conditions in many rural and indigenous areas of the State of Zulia and Western Venezuela. 

  • Place : Maracaïbo, Venezuela
  • Timeline : Started in March  2016 and is ongoing
  • Cost: $500 for a Scholarship
  • Local Partner : Asociacion de Arte y de Ciencia (ASAC)

Currently the PITAHAYA vocational training Institute in Venezuela needs significant financial support in order to offer a daily meal to its students during training.


The Project

Pitahaya in partnership with the Association of Art and Science offers young people the opportunity to complete secondary school studies at Los Samanes.  At the same time, the students receive a scientific and professional preparation with theoretical and practical courses in the fields of gastronomy, textiles, dining room service, cleaning and maintenance. These courses are carried out within the facilities of Pitahaya.

PITAHAYA has the potential to house 30 students. 

Through agreements, donations and contributions from people and institutions it has been possible to carry out this educational work, in which we would like you to participate. Currently, the whole country is going through difficult economic times and PITAHAYA needs to find ways to nourish, maintain and give the opportunity to study to these young women.