Medical Missions

Project Objective: To bring medical aid to people in remote areas of Vietnam who do not have access to basic medical care. Collaborate with local hospitals, clinics and doctors to promote and support their medical services.


The Project

A group of health professionals, students and volunteers from Canada, United States, and Australia are responsible for medical missions each year in different areas in Vietnam: Hue, Da Nang, Hai Phong, Banmethuot, Nha Trang, and Can Tho.

  • Performing cataract surgery at many hospitals and medical clinics
  • Performing eye examinations and prescribing eye glasses
  • Performing dental hygiene and dental care
  • Distributing gifts and food to people in need

The Needs

Medical resources are extremely limited in the remote regions of Vietnam and there is a great need for visiting doctors and nurses who can provide a range of clinical services and help train local medical personnel.

Our partner in Canada

Medical Aid of Vietnam is a non-profit organization founded by Dr. David Neima, Dr.Hugh Parsons and Rev. Tien Tran in 1994 in Vancouver, Canada. Its purpose is to work with local doctors, clinics and hospitals to help the poor, the sick and the disabled children of Vietnam.

How you can help

LINCCO partners with Medical Aid for Vietnam to leverage the work they are doing. You can help by joining as a volunteer member of LINCCO’s Medical Aid for Vietnam team or you can support LINCCO financially, requesting that your support be directed to Medical Aid for Vietnam. For more information, see: