Super Credit

Super Credit for First Time Donors

The federal government announced an additional 25% tax credit on charitable donations for first time donors. “The First-Time Donor Super Credit” was introduced in the recent budget 2013 as an added incentive to encourage first-time donors or anyone who has not claimed a charitable tax credit since 2007 to make one now. 

If you have never claimed a charitable donation on your tax returns, or you (or your spouse) have not done so since 2007, then you are considered a First-time Donor. As a first-time donor you are eligible to receive the standard federal tax credit of 15% return on the first $200 donated and 29% on any amount above that. With the Super Credit, any donations made between 2013 and 2017 income tax year will be eligible for an additional 25% up to $1000.

The Super Credit will allow first-time donors the following:

  • Donations up to $200 = 40% tax credit
  • Donations between $201 and $1000= 54% tax credit.

Note: The tax claim can only be made one time during the eligible period between 2013-2017. To maximize on this opportunity, you may want to consider making your claim after combining a couple of years of donations. 

For additional information on the Super Credit please visit the following government website:

*If you are a Quebec resident, you are also entitled to claim your donation on your provincial income tax returns for additional standard refunds.