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LINCCO partners with local non-governmental organizations in developing countries to fund skills training programs that lead to gainful employment, greater self-sufficiency for families and better health services for their community.


Our Vision

Build a better future in developing countries
through skills training

Our Mission

The Institute for Culture and Co-operation, LINCCO, gives Canadians the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of people in developing countries, helping them gain skills that allow them to contribute to their family and society. It is a registered Canadian charity founded in 1984.

Our values

We believe that the long-term solution to poverty lies in skills development and education that allow individuals to contribute to their personal and family development, as well as to that of their society.

Character formation and civic virtues are key parts of skills development and education.

The family is the basic building block of society. Every attempt to contribute to society must support families.

Men and women are entitled to the same respect, which includes equal valuing of work within and outside the home.

LINCCO’S activities operate according to Judeo-Christian values and the social teaching of the Catholic Church.


NameRoleCityRelated experience
Silvia UgoliniPresidentMontrealLawyer – 25 years of experience in financial and gift planning
Inès Maria Tillard
Executive Vice-PresidentMontrealPhysician – 30 years of experience directing charitable organizations and training programs
Leslie TomoryTreasurerMontrealAerospace Engineer, Doctorate in History, author, experience in information technology
Bachir Saouaf AdministratorMontreal25 years of experience in Communications and Marketing
Paul KilbertusExecutive SecretaryTorontoCommunications Professional with 25 years of experience in managing charities
Isabelle KrausAdministratorMontrealPhysician, Masters in Community Health – 20 years of experience in International health and clinical research
Eleonora ForeroAdministratorMontrealIndustrial Engineer with finance background and over 10 years of experience in operational performance and supply chain management