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In Kenya, only 3% of the people who enroll in primary school education go on to enroll at university level. Many extraordinarily bright and able young Kenyans are underperforming and failing to finish even secondary level education.

These days because of COVID-19, many families are struggling to pay tuition fees. Some Kenyan students need financial help to complete their education at Strathmore University.

Action / Result

Identify students in need who want to do an undergraduate degree and ask them to submit a letter with their high school marks. Selection will be based on academic results and interview.

Strathmore graduates are most sought after in the Kenya job market

Annual overall funding objective

Three scholarships of $1500 each and a one-year meal allowance for a deserving student.

The objective being $6000

N.B. A four-year degree in Strathmore costs around US$ 15,000


Local partner: Community Service Centre of Strathmore University