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The project aims to contribute to the empowerment of the rural girl in the Bingerville area through literacy, vocational training and entrepreneurship. These objectives will be achieved through the courses that the Ilomba rural school (also called Aiélé) will be able to provide to rural girls with low incomes in the villages around Bingerville. These women, whose ages range from 14 to 22 years old, will be able to strengthen their intellectual capacities through literacy courses or refresher courses in French, mathematics and numeracy; they will be able to receive courses in cooking and pastry and also basic notions of entrepreneurship which will enable them, in the near future, to set up an informal business; they will also be able to train in all aspects of education and leadership (know-how, life skills, family and social skills, etc). Of course, empowering beneficiaries will help them to overcome the state of poverty in which they live, and also to assert themselves, among their entourage, as women and independent women – therefore, not subject to constraints of early or forced marriages, or hidden prostitution or other abuses – by ultimately finding their true place in traditional and modern society.

The project also aims to help two former students who have already set up an informal business but who need some equipment/material to make it grow.