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During an evening out with friends, a woman from Toronto heard about LINCCO for the first time. She was intrigued to learn that she could make a donation through our charity to schools in Nicaragua – a cause near and dear to her heart. She contacted the director of the Vega Baja Centre in Nicaragua, who told her about a project she had been dreaming of to make up for the huge educational shortfall, especially in rural areas. Since 1995, Vega Baja works to empower rural women, thereby reducing poverty. It is located south of the capital, Managua.

Our donor understood the impact this project could have for youth in this region. She sent an email to LINCCO to find out how she and her husband could make a $12,000 donation to finance the project. As LINCCO had already supported a number of projects with this Vega Baja, the process was quick and easy.

The money went to create a project that will benefit 800 children by training ten volunteers who will fill educational gaps.


Education in rural schools in the Diriamba region where Vega Baja is located is impacted by the underfinancing of public education overall, and even more so in rural areas, which makes it difficult to create an adequate teaching environment. Children begin by experiencing difficulties in subjects and fall ever further behind. They are progressively less at ease in school. As a result, there is a high rate of absenteeism, leading to children dropping out of school. In rural areas of Nicaragua, only 50% of children finish primary school and 20% finish secondary school.


At its core, Vega Baja’s program seeks to keep children in school as long possible. To achieve that, the Canadian donation through LINCCO will be used to training ten university students who will supplement the basic education of 800 children (440 girls and 360 boys) attending five schools in the rural areas near Vega Baja from June 2023 to May 2024

Écoles rurales du Nicaragua


How the donation will be used

  1. Provide specialized workshops for the university students. They will be coached to reinforce and monitor the progress of the girls and boys in reading, writing and logical-mathematical reasoning
  2. Develop a program and obtain equipment to facilitate learning through artistic activities (music, games, painting, theatre, etc.)
  3. Workshops with parents to improve education and family support for students
  4. Purchase of sports equipment

Schools Communities served
San Francisco de Asís
Simón Bolívar
Bayardo Cordero
Jesús de Nazaret

Schools Communities served
Buena Vista del sur
La Trinidad
La Boquita Cecilio del Valle El Jobo Dulce


Écoles rurales du Nicaragua