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We thank the Thérèse and Guy Charron Foundation for their support since 2011 that has allowed LINCCO to create a Master’s in Health Program Administration (MHPA) at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Nursing (IASN) in Kinsasha, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Ms. Marie Hatem, a LINCCO partner and professor at the Université de Montréal has been the driving force of this effort since the beginning. She has worked with determination to create this program that now provides teachers for future nurses and midwives for DRC.

In March 2023, five more students from the IHSN received their MHPA.

Of the 85 individuals enrolled in the MHPA since 2011, when the master’s program was established, 38 have graduated and now provide training. Given the considerable challenges in this country, IHSN is particularly proud of its success rate. Indeed, 65 students have completed studies since 2011, including 38 with a diploma, 15 with a certificate (intermediate diploma) and 12 who are writing their final thesis.

In 2014, with the arrival of additional teachers from the first cohort of the program, the IASN launch a Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. Since then, thanks to these two master’s and bachelor’s programs, many new nurses are graduating each year and offering care to the people of the DRC who lack many health services.

Thesis session – March 2023

Graduation – Mars 3, 2023

In addition to contributing to the sustainability of the MHPA program, graduates often move into positions of senior responsibility.

For example, some have been promoted to the position of Director of Nursing in a clinic, Training Officer or Maternity Ward Manager. Others have set up a COVID screening facility or home care services. Still others have taken on responsibilities within IASN, the Monkolé Hospital to which it is attached or within other organizations or in the DRC.

A sixth class will begin in September 2023 and LINCCO looks forward to continue its support.

Argument Session – March 2023

Ms. Marie Hatem (2nd from left), the initiator of this training, was part of the argument session’s jury on December 6, 2022 and proudly congratulated the diplomas.